3 Outdoor Areas That Benefit from a Sound System


Your Texas Backyard Doesn’t Need to Be Boring

In Texas, we’re lucky to be able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, but summertime is the best season! We see more sunny days and few rainy ones, and there’s no chance of random snowstorms like we experienced in February.

You don’t have to leave your McAllen-area property in order to enjoy the great outdoors, though. You can take your favorite aspects of audio and video that you appreciate inside, outside! Read on below to learn three areas of your backyard that would benefit from a new or upgraded outdoor sound system.


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1. Pool Area

The splashing of the water as kids dive in and swim around can be a great soundtrack for parents as they lounge by the pool, but music would be better. With a finger tap, you can turn on yard-encompassing music using the audio sources you know and love from your indoor sound system. The entire outdoor system is part of your whole-home audio system, with the outdoor areas programmed as separate music zones. Use your smartphone to select your favorite streaming Spotify station or play an album from your digital music collection, then listen to your selection outdoors. At the same time, your partner can listen to something different inside!

Add exterior lighting to your next poolside hangout, and you’ve got a recipe for fun. Sync colorful music with the beat of a pop song or wash the pool and surrounding areas with muted white lighting for safety in the evenings.


2. Outdoor Kitchen

If grilling is your specialty, then an outdoor kitchen is a must. Adding an outdoor TV means you’ll never miss the big game because you’re flipping the steaks. Outdoor TVs are specially crafted to withstand the harsh Texas sun, heat, wind, and rain, and the enclosure prevents insects and debris from entering and affecting the delicate electronics inside. Screen options are also optimized for outdoor use, with full-shade, full-sun, or partial shade options that will fit any patio application.

Add a high-performance soundbar to your TV setup, and everyone in the kitchen and dining area will be able to hear every detail of the game, TV show, or movie you’ve got on. You can even use an IP-rated smart remote to deliver the sound from the kitchen area to the rest of your yard. Our expert technicians can select the best satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers that blanket your yard in incredible sound yet won’t leave the neighbors complaining about ambient noise on their property.


3. The Whole Yard

Imagine gardening in the flower beds while listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast series or your favorite streaming rock station. There’s no need to wear bulky headphones that make your head sweaty or tiny earbuds that could easily drop into the mulch – you can listen freely with your outdoor speaker system.

Every inch of your McAllen property is bathed in sound from your favorite audio sources – the big game that the rest of the family is watching on the patio, your LP collection, or even audiobooks streaming from your smartphone. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can watch or listen to your favorite entertainment outdoors instead of being stuck inside for the sake of entertainment.


For more information about outdoor sound systems, connect with us using our online form or chat with us below. The D-Tronics Home & Business team looks forward to introducing high-quality sound to your Texas property!

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