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Avoid These Top 3 Home Theater Design Mistakes


We Run You Through the Worst We’ve Seen So You Can Enjoy a Better Experience

TV shows and movies are only two entertainment options to cue up in your Brownsville, TX, home theater. Video games, exercise videos, nature scenes, and music listening are a few other options as well. Really, anything you can think of, you can do, depending on how well your home theater design team listened to your needs and wants during the initial consultation.

Learn three common home theater design mistakes we’re commonly called in to resolve for our clients by reading the blog below! Then contact D-Tronics Home & Business to schedule an AV consultation so we can help you avoid running into these issues during your entertainment upgrade. 

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Mistake #1: Ignoring Seating

Sitting for too long in an uncomfortable position can leave you feeling sore, tired, and uninterested in whatever’s on the screen. Many entertainment space designs focus so heavily on the audio and video components while completely ignoring the hidden star of the home theater space – seating!

The furniture you sit on in your home theater is designed to do more than provide comfort, though. Lush fabrics can absorb sound, and they also prevent light from reflecting onto your TV display. Seating placement is also important, and our team can develop a design for seating that incorporates the following general standards, according to CEDIA training materials: 

  • the primary viewing distance is three times the height of the screen, regardless of the width of the screen, 
  • The viewing angle should be on-axis within 5-degrees for primary viewing, with all other viewers seated on a vertical viewing angle no more than 15-degrees. 

Mistake #2: Improper Sound Setup

A home theater with the most expensive speaker system in the world can only go so far. Poor speaker placement wreaks havoc on movie viewing experiences by causing sound reverberation, echoing, and a soundscape that causes more stress than awe during pivotal scenes.

At a minimum, your personal cinema space should have 5.1 surround sound with a front left, center, front right, and left and right surround channels behind the viewer. For a full 360-degree listening experience, add upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers, so the sound comes from in front, behind, and above the viewer. 

Mistake #3: Going Too Big

Making the projection screen or TV display at the front of your home theater space too big can be a pain – physically! For smaller spaces, having your screen too large can lead to an uncomfortable viewing experience. Viewers are situated too close to the display, which forces them to crane their necks back or to turn side to side in order to see the entire movie scene. 

Our home theater designers will assess the room dimensions then propose optimally sized displays for your South Texas home. Seating will also be appropriately placed throughout to optimize comfort, ensuring seating is tiered, if needed, so everyone can view the screen but doesn’t block the view of the person seated behind them. 


D-Tronics Home & Business is your local home theater design specialist, serving customers in Brownsville and the Greater Rio Grande Valley. Chat with us below, or connect with us using our online form to start a conversation about your home entertainment upgrade!

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