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Crestron Keeps Everything Running Smoothly With Innovative Technology

No matter what type of business you operate in the Harlingen area, you most likely strive to provide your employees with every possible tool that can help them do their job effectively. Not only does this save you money because your employees are more efficient, but it ensures your employees are happy and able to complete their work as easily as possible.

Technology shouldn’t hinder your employees, and that’s why we incorporate Crestron solutions for businesses along the Texas border. Streamlined smart technology that blends seamlessly into the workplace yet elevates it to a brand-new level is our specialty.

Read on below to learn how Crestron solutions can transform your office, boardroom, restaurant, or other business.


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Wireless Presentations

Distributed workforces come with their own set of challenges, one of which should not be your staff’s ability to collaborate. For the modern conference room, wireless presentations are imperative business solutions that all managers need to prioritize.

Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0 technology takes the guesswork out of connecting a personal device to the presentation screen. Gone are the days of various dongles and wires that turned out to be incompatible with a guest speaker’s laptop. Instead, staff can enter the code shown on the Crestron-powered display screen and begin sharing immediately!

Sharing is safe, too, because this solution is more than a wireless access point; it leverages the latest security protocols and AES-128 content encryption. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices are all compatible with AirMedia 2.0, and the system works in conference rooms, huddle spaces, and signage throughout the building. Meeting and discussing work have never been easier.


Smarter Is Better

For workers in the office, walking into a room that responds to your every need is a breath of fresh air. Incorporating motion detection lighting ensures energy is not wasted illuminating an empty room. Temperature sensors and timers can synchronize an office or restaurant’s motorized shades to operate intelligently, lowering to prevent the harsh afternoon light from shining into a patron’s eyes or raising to let warming sunlight into a space instead of taxing the HVAC system unnecessarily. Smart technology is truly that – smart! It is designed to make your life easier, more convenient, and more effective, with little to no user input.


If you want to bring the luxury of a Crestron system to your business, connect with us using our form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to working with you!

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