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How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Theater

Father and daughter watching a cartoon on an outdoor TV on a patio at night.

Enjoy Movies Under the Stars in Your Own Backyard 

Do you want to make the most of your backyard and spend more time outdoors this season? With an outdoor theater setup, your family, friends, and neighbors will love gathering on your patio or lawn for movie nights. 

You’ve got the drive—now all you need is the right equipment to build an outdoor entertainment system. 

D-Tronics Home & Business is a home technology integrator, which means we install sophisticated audio and video systems in Texas homes and businesses. Our suggestions may not be off-the-shelf gadgets from Amazon, but they will perform better and longer than DIY outdoor technology. Read on to get inspired for your Edinburgh-area home! 

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Install a Weatherproof, Outdoor TV 

Many people’s strategy for outdoor movie nights is to hang a sheet and use a portable projector. While that may work fine enough (albeit with wrinkles in the sheet and faded video), it takes a lot of work to assemble that every time you want to watch TV outside. Will you really want to do that more than once or twice a season? 

Instead, opt for a weatherproof outdoor TV that can stay mounted outdoors all year long. Models by brands like Samsung Terrace and SunBrite are ultra-bright, so you can watch during the day without distracting glare. We can even install in-ground mounts that raise your TV from the ground, swiveling to the perfect angle. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio 

For the true “home theater” experience, you’ll need more powerful audio than the TV’s built-in speakers. We recommend installing a series of weatherproof speakers that all connect to the same system, letting you play TV audio and music interchangeably. With multiple outdoor speakers, you’ll hear clearly from the pool to the garden. 

At D-Tronics Home & Business, we trust outdoor audio brands like Klipsch, Bowers & Wilkins, and Episode for their durable hardware and sound performance. We trench wires underground to sync your speakers together, which you can control via phone or tablet. 

Automate Mood Lighting 

To set the mood for a cozy, relaxing evening in the yard, upgrade your landscape lighting beyond a porch light. With a series of bullet spotlights, string lights, and up-lights on trees, you can craft an inviting scene that feels safe and fun to spend time in. 

And when we connect your outdoor lights to a smart system, you can raise and lower the brightness and adjust the color for the perfect mood. If you’re all settled in and ready to start the movie, you can dim or power off lights with one press of a button. 

Getting Started with Your Outdoor Theater 

Imagine all your outdoor entertainment and lighting synced to the same smart system, easily controlled from your phone, tablet, or even wall keypad. When you partner with a home technology integrator like D-Tronics Home & Business, we install and program everything for you, so it’s ready to enjoy with a single command. 


To get started with outdoor entertainment, contact our team here today. We look forward to working with you! 

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