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We Keep Your Texas Property Secure With Innovative Technology

Keeping your home safe, whether you’re physically on the property or away, is a tremendous task. It’s important to incorporate security measures in order to protect your family, guard your valuables, deter crimes, and even lower the rate on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

With home alarm systems, you can experience all of the things we listed above, plus you can increase your peace of mind. Read on to learn about three aspects of security that D-Tronics Home & Business can bring to your McAllen, TX home.


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Security Cameras

We offer our McAllen-area clients commercial-grade security products that provide uncompromised performance. Low-light, bright sunlight or no-light applications are no match for cameras with large internal light sensors and high-quality construction that can withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. And with specialized fisheye or spherical camera lenses, you’ll be able to see a wider viewing angle than the typical consumer-grade security camera. Standard 4K or 1080p resolution provides high-definition video quality you can view from any smart device.

Keeping an eye on your home is important, and that’s why we work with one of the most trusted brands in security, IC Realtime, to bring our clients top-notch security camera performance. With 5 to 7-year warranties on any IC Realtime camera we install, you can rest easier knowing your cameras will last and not fail when you need them the most.


More Than Cameras

A home alarm system goes beyond high-definition cameras that show homeowners what’s happening on their property, though. Window and doorway sensors, motion sensors, security and landscape lighting, and even water leak detectors are all vital aspects of any modern alarm system. Your entire property is available at your fingertips, too. You’re able to check if you forgot to close the garage door or view live video surveillance footage of your home with just a few taps on a smart device.



In addition to the equipment installed on your Texas property, alarm systems should incorporate monitoring of some kind, too. Homeowners can self-monitor alarms and cameras, but a combination of self-monitoring and professional monitoring works best.

Motion alerts and detected noise will trigger an alert that pings your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re in your living room or away for a business trip. From your device, you can monitor your Texas home’s perimeter and interior cameras, communicate with whoever is at your front door, lock and unlock smart locks and more.

24/7 professional monitoring services ensure your property is always in good hands, too. If an entry is tampered with, our monitoring center staff receives an alert and verifies if the detected disturbance needs attention from local law enforcement.


If you want to improve your peace of mind and keep your McAllen-area property secure, contact D-Tronics Home & Business today to get started. Connect with us using the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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