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Happy customers are at the heart of your Texas business, whether you manage a restaurant, office suite, or warehouse. We’re not saying the customer is always right, but as a manager or business owner, you understand that helping your clientele stay in good spirits is a valuable tool that equates to a bigger bottom line. 

With a commercial sound system, you can encourage clients to stay longer to shop or eat with welcoming music that sets the perfect ambiance, make clear announcements, and give your employees - and yourself - the autonomy to adjust settings on the fly. Keep reading below to learn more about commercial sound systems and how integrating one into your Brownsville-area business can make your patrons and staff happier.

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Commercial Sound Systems

Turning on one speaker and adjusting the volume to its highest setting simply won’t work for your Texas business. This ineffective method of adding ambient music to your workspace creates spots that are too loud or too quiet throughout your building, causing distress for clientele as they make their way through your store shopping or eating a meal at your restaurant. 

By adding perfectly placed speakers throughout your commercial space, you provide even sound coverage for everyone. In the event of a patron complaint about the audio, employees are empowered to adjust the volume or song selection using an intuitive system interface instead of fumbling for a remote.

Clear Announcements

The din of a busy restaurant can be overwhelming, leaving patrons wondering if the barista called their name or someone else’s when an order is set on the counter. A microphone plus in-ceiling speakers blend into the decor of your space while providing a room-encompassing message that everyone understands clearly. And in the worst-case scenario of a workplace emergency, having a method of communicating efficiently with patrons and staff is paramount to successful incident response.

More Than Audio

With a comprehensive commercial audio/video upgrade from D-Tronics Home & Business, your South Texas business can elevate profits, increase client satisfaction, and reduce staff frustrations. Behind the bar, a touch panel display gives bartenders the ability to adjust the TV channel to the big game. Then, using the same system, the ambient music can be turned down with a finger swipe. 

There’s no longer a need to dig through a pile of remotes to change the channel on multiple TVs and cable boxes. And if you want to limit access to only senior-level employees, no problem. Managers can set user-level restrictions to make this happen in your business.

Your Technology Partner

D-Tronics Home & Business is your commercial smart solutions specialist. Audio, video, automation, and more are only a phone call or message away. Connect with us here using our online form to get started!

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