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Beyond Movies: What Else Can I Do in a Home Theater?


Learn the Possibilities That a Short-Throw Projector Can Bring to Your Home Entertainment

Every homeowner wants to bring the movie-going experience home with them, but sometimes their Texas property has limited space to dedicate to a traditional projector and projection screen setup. For media rooms with ambient lighting or shallower home theater spaces, an ultra-short throw projector is your solution!

Flatscreen TVs generally max out at 80-inches, and conventional projectors require deep rooms with little to no extraneous lighting. Luckily, Epson has changed the game with the EpiqVision LS500 laser projection TV. Offering a stunning 4K image in both 100- and 120-inch screen sizes, your entire family can enjoy this innovative entertainment product, no matter your room’s size or shape.

Read below to learn three things you and your family can do in a home theater space besides watch movies. Then contact D-Tronics Home & Business – the expert home theater company servicing McAllen and South Padre Island, Texas– to get started on elevating your entertainment experience today!


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Play Video Games

The LS500 ultra-short throw projector supports 4K HDR content at 60 frames per second – perfect for your fast-paced shoot-em-ups and the quick-changing graphic needs on your favorite video games. No matter if you’re a PC gamer, an Xbox pro, or a PS5 connoisseur, you’re set with the HDMI 2.0 connections.

The 120-inch screen rejects ambient light in the room, and the projector offers 4,000 lumens of color, so your display will be crisp and bright no matter the time of day. And, most impressively, input lag times are around 16.7 milliseconds – that’s less than two-hundredths of a second. Pair your gaming setup with high-end Klipsch speakers to fully immerse yourself into the action. 


Watch Sports

There’s no need to worry about someone standing in front of the projector and casting a shadow on the screen whenever celebrating a big touchdown or slam dunk. Ultra-short throw projectors only need to be 2.5 feet away from the 120-inch ambient light rejection screen, so they can sit atop or within a custom media cabinet below the screen. Watching live sporting events will never be the same as watching on a 60” flat-panel TV – the most commonly sized TV in homes.

Jerseys will pop against the vivid green grass of football fields, and you'll be able to keep your eye on the golf ball during The Masters. The large, proprietary Epson PRO-UHD screen is designed for 4K content. It also has a 178-degree viewing angle, so every seat is the best seat in the house.


Binge Watching

Whether you decide to incorporate the LS500 into your home theater space or the multi-functional media room of your Texas home, you’ll enjoy no glare on your favorite TV shows, even in well-lit rooms with natural lighting. Powered by Android TV, you can use voice search with the built-in Google Assistant and have all of your favorite streaming apps – HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and more at your fingertips. Your next night-in is just a finger tap away.


As your expert home theater company in South Padre Island and McAllen, we know how important it is to see technology in action before deciding what you want in your own home. So, schedule an appointment to visit our showroom to see the Epson LS500 laser projection TV in action! You can fill out our online contact form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser to get started.

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