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How Can Whole-Home Wi-Fi Improve My Daily Life?


Stay Connected When and Where It Matters the Most with D-Tronics Home & Business

How many smart devices do you have in your Texas home? There’s likely a smart speaker (or several), wireless audio speakers, a few TVs with smart connectivity, a smartwatch, and a gaming console. If you think a little longer, then you realize you also need a stable internet connection for your home office and the kids’ tablets. Add in total home control and automation, and you have quite the list of devices in your McAllen-area home!

To keep everything connected without frustration, to avoid the dreaded buffering symbol on the screen, and to make dropped videoconference calls a thing of the past, you need a robust whole-home Wi-Fi connection. Scroll below to learn two areas of your home where wireless connectivity can significantly improve your daily lifestyle.

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Whether you like to experience gaming with an immersive surround sound system and a massive screen in the home theater, or you prefer to play in the media room while the kids are finishing their homework, connectivity is essential for the at-home gaming experience. You can easily download new games, play online with friends, and make every mission successful when you’re not worrying about a slow connection.

Both wireless and wired connections work for gaming spaces, but a hardwire ethernet connection ensures a more reliable, consistent, and speedy connection. And because you typically stay in one location to play, there’s not much need for a wireless connection unless you simply don’t like the clutter a router and wires create.

If you play MMO (massive multiplayer online) games, a wired network is likely best to reduce the lag that can sometimes occur with wireless network interference. Though, with a professionally installed whole-home Wi-Fi network, you’ll experience minimal interference anyway because our technicians will triage broadband traffic appropriately.


Outdoor Entertainment

Wireless networks have completely changed the way people enjoy their outdoor entertainment. Expert placement of wireless access points extends the Wi-Fi network to the great outdoors, so you and your guests can enjoy reliable smartphone and tablet connectivity while lounging by the pool or enjoying the big game.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify will play without playback interruption, so you can experience all your favorite media without needing to go back inside. In-ground subwoofers and satellite landscaping speakers hide amongst your garden areas to provide yard-encompassing sound, and a strong home network ensures you never miss a beat.


For the ultimate connected living experience, partner with the professionals at D-Tronics Home & Business. We proudly offer home automation, networking, and AV solutions for South Texas and Northern Mexico customers. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your home!

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